Open Access Article Processing Charges

Learn about IEEE's open access options.

IEEE offers three options for open access (OA) publishing:
  1. Hybrid journals are traditional subscription journals that accept OA content.  Over 100 IEEE Transactions, Journals, and Letters offer hybrid publication.  The article processing charge for publishing in a hybrid journal is $2,045 as of 1 January 2019.
  2. Topical journals are fully open access journals that are dedicated to a specific subject area.  Article processing charges for publishing in a topical journal range from $1,220 to $1,820.  Some topical journals may charge additional fees such as overlength fees; see the author instructions of the individual journal for specific details.
  3. IEEE Access is a multidisciplinary, fully open access journal that covers all of IEEE’s fields of interest.  The article processing charge for publishing in IEEE Access is $1,750.