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About the Overleaf Authoring Tool

Writing in LaTeX has never been easier. Work with your co-authors in real time using Overleaf, an online collaborative LaTeX and rich text authoring tool. 

Log in to Overleaf using your IEEE account to take advantage of enhanced benefits. 

With Overleaf you can:

  • Easily switch between a rich text WYSIWYG editor and a full LaTeX editor. The structured and typeset document is compiled automatically as you type.
  • Share the document with your co-authors to collaborate in real time. All changes are merged seamlessly so everyone will always have access to the latest version.
  • Format your article automatically with preloaded IEEE article templates.
  • Save and restore previous versions of your article.
  • Upload and download graphics, bibliographies, and custom styles. You can upload directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, and Github.

New to LaTeX? Get started with the free online course “Introduction to LaTeX” offered by Dr. John Lees-Miller from Overleaf.

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