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Improving the Quality of Your Graphics

Vector images allow for more flexibility.

Creating and saving your graphics in a vector format will ensure that your graphics appear as clearly as possible in your final published article. Acceptable vector file formats include PS, EPS, and PDF. These file types are excellent for creating graphics that frequently require resizing.

If you are unable to create your graphic in vector format, ensure that your graphic is created at a high resolution from the beginning. Increasing the resolution after image creation will not improve the image’s quality. IEEE standards for non-vector graphics are >300dpi for color and grayscale images, and >600dpi for black and white “line art.”

If you create your graphics using Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, or Excel), it is recommended that you save your files in PDF format.

Original image quality is very important to how your graphics will reproduce. Even though IEEE can accept graphics in many formats, and make revisions when necessary, if a graphic is submitted at low quality, it cannot be significantly improved during the publication process.

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