Prepare Supplementary Materials

Sometimes text and graphics are not enough to fully communicate your research. Find out how to enrich your journal article with multimedia supplementary materials.

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Developing a Graphical Abstract

Capture your reader’s attention. A graphical abstract is a visual summary of your journal article and a great way toRead More

Producing Video

A great way to engage readers and complement your written work by producing a video that summarizes your IEEE journalRead More

Preparing Multimedia Materials

Enhance your journal article with multimedia materials. Find tips and best practices in the IEEE guide for preparing multimedia materials.MultimediaRead More

Creating a README File for Datasets

Help readers understand what you are sharing with them before they download your datasets. Provide a detailed README file for yourRead More

Creating a README File for Supplementary Material

Adding pertinent video or audio clip multimedia files to your journal article can help you communicate your work more effectively.Read More