Prepare Supplementary Materials

Go beyond the article page with multimedia supplementary materials.

Sometimes text and graphics are not enough to communicate your research. Supplement your article with multimedia materials such as:

 IEEE Collabratec

Developing a Graphical Abstract

Summarize your article visually with a graphical abstract to capture your reader’s attention. A graphical abstract is a concise, illustrativeRead More

Producing Video

Complement your written work with a video which will be published alongside the article in the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library.Read More

Preparing Multimedia Materials

Multimedia objects such as video clips, source code, or data sets can complement the text and graphics of your article.Read More

Creating a README File for Datasets

Make your submitted data easier to understand with a detailed README file. Include the following sections in your README file:Read More

Creating a README File for Supplementary Material

Communicate your work more effectively with a pertinent video or audio clip multimedia file. Include the following sections in aRead More