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Creating a README File for Supplementary Material

Help readers interact with your article's playable multimedia object.

Communicate your work more effectively with a pertinent video or audio clip multimedia file. Include the following sections in a README file for your playable multimedia object.

  • Description: An overall description of the objects and what the audience can expect to gain by downloading them;
  • Size: The total size of all objects, in kilobytes if less than one megabyte in size, or in megabytes if one megabyte or greater in size. This will allow IEEE to provide IEEE Xplore® Digital Library users with information that will help them to make downloading decisions;
  • Player information: Provide the minimum version of the player software that is required to play the submitted files. Include the name of the software, the version number, and any special requirements for the player. For non-standard applications, include what platform(s) is required along with more detailed information about interacting with these objects;
  • Packing list: A complete list of all the files included in the set of multimedia objects;
  • Contact information: The author should provide contact information in case users have questions regarding the multimedia material.

Format your README file in PDF or text format for easy accessibility. If your article is accepted, all supplemental files including the README file will be compressed into a .zip file or .tar.gz file as appropriate. The compressed file will be uploaded to IEEE Xplore with the rest of the article.

 IEEE Collabratec