Become an IEEE Reviewer

Contribute to the research in your field by becoming an IEEE peer reviewer. Peer reviewers fulfill a vital role in the publishing process by giving detailed and professional commentary. Continue reading to learn more about being an IEEE peer reviewer or download one of our guides below.

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IEEE publications match the topics covered in an article submission with potential peer reviewers who are experts in those topics. After identifying reviewers, the publication will send out invitations. Most invitations will include information about the article, such as the title and abstract, to help the reviewer decide if they should accept the invitation.

Receiving a peer review invitation

When you receive a review invitation, you should consider whether you have sufficient expertise in the article’s subject area. You should also consider if you can complete the review by the deadline provided in the review invitation.

Submitting feedback

Most publications use an online submission system to facilitate peer review. Once you have accepted the review invitation, you will be given access to the article. You should evaluate the article with the following questions in mind.

Follow the publication’s instructions for submitting feedback, suggestions, and a recommended decision. Remember that your commentary should always be thorough and professional.

Reviewing an Article
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Policy on AI generation of text for a review

Excerpted from the IEEE Publication Services and Products Board (PSPB) Operations Manual, Section 8.2.2.A.4. Information or content contained in or about a manuscript under review shall not be processed through a public platform (directly or indirectly) for AI generation of text for a review. Doing so is considered a breach of confidentiality because AI systems generally learn from any input.