Open Access Rights Management

All open access articles will be published under either the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) or the Creative Commons Attribution, NonCommercial, No Derivatives License (CCBY-NC-ND).

CC BY and CCBY-NC-ND allow authors to retain copyright of their article and permit a very broad range of reuse. Under CC BY, reuse for commercial purposes or to create derivative works is permitted, whereas under CCBY-NC-ND, reuse cannot be for commercial purposes or change the work in any way.  Under the CC BY licenses, authors are responsible for protecting their content from possible abuses such as infringement and plagiarism.

Note that publishing open access requires payment of an open access article processing charge.

Open Access Article Processing Charges

IEEE offers three options for open access (OA) publishing:

  1. Hybrid journals are traditional subscription journals that accept OA content. Over 100 IEEE Transactions, Journals, and Letters offer hybrid publication. The article processing charge for publishing in a hybrid journal is $2,045 as of 1 January 2019.
  2. Topical journals are fully open access journals that are dedicated to a specific subject area.  Article processing charges for publishing in a topical journal range from $1,220 to $1,820. Some topical journals may charge additional fees such as overlength fees. See the author instructions of the individual journal for specific details.
  3. IEEE Access is a multidisciplinary, fully open access journal that covers all of IEEE’s fields of interest. The article processing charge for publishing in IEEE Access is $1,750.

Authors from low-income countries

Authors from low-income countries are eligible for waivers and discounts on open access article processing charges in fully open access journals.