Open Access Rights Management

Choose the open access rights management approach that's best for you.


IEEE offers two approaches to open access to fit your needs.

IEEE Open Access Publishing Agreement

The Open Access Publishing Agreement (OAPA) offers the following benefits:
  • IEEE makes an explicit promise to authors that their published article will be freely available to all users online
  • Authors are free to post the final, published version of their article on their personal websites, their employers’ sites, and their funding agencies’ sites
  • The OAPA grants IEEE sufficient legal rights to resolve any complaints of abuse (such as plagiarism) of the authors’ content
  • Readers are allowed to copy the work, translate it, or reuse it for text or data mining provided that the usage is for non-commercial purposes

Signing the OAPA transfers the author’s copyright to IEEE but allows for universal free online access and protection from commercial use.

Creative Commons Attribution License

The Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) allows authors to retain copyright of their article but it also permits a very broad range of reuse. An article published under the CC BY license may be freely reused as long as the original author and publication are credited. Reuse for commercial purposes or to create derivative works is permitted. Under the CC BY license, authors are responsible for protecting their content from possible abuses such as infringement and plagiarism.

Note that publishing open access requires payment of an open access article processing charge.