Submit Your Article for Peer Review

Learn what happens between submission and decision.

Avoid publication delays by understanding the process from article submission to final decision and addressing any potential issues before submission. IEEE guides you through your publishing effort with helpful tips and information including:

 IEEE Collabratec

The IEEE Article Submission Process

You’ve written your article and prepared your graphics; now it’s time to submit your article for review. This page showsRead More

About the Peer Review Process

Your submitted article will be evaluated by at least two independent reviewers whose feedback will contribute to the editor’s decisionRead More

Understanding the Decision Process

After peer review, the editor considers all the feedback received from reviewers and arrives at a decision on the article.Read More

Checklist for Submitting Your Article for Peer Review

While preparing to submit your article for peer review make sure to: Select your target publication with help from theRead More

Ethics in Peer Review

Peer review is a system based on trust. Each party—the reviewer, the author, and the publication—relies on the others toRead More

Become an IEEE Reviewer

Publications seek to match the topics covered in an article submission with potential peer reviewers who are experts in thoseRead More