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The IEEE Article Submission Process

After you have written your article and prepared your graphics, you can submit your article for review. Follow these steps to complete the IEEE Article Submission Process.

Select your target journal

An article may be rejected before peer review if it is outside the scope of the journal. Pick the right journal with these tips:

  • Get customized recommendations for your article from the IEEE Publication Recommender tool.
  • Conduct a keyword search on IEEE Xplore® Digital Library for a list of publications with similar content.
  • Check your reference list for related journals.
  • Ask for suggestions from colleagues and co-authors in your field.
  • Read the Aims & Scope of your potential target publications to ensure your article is a good fit. Aims & Scope can be found in the About tab of the journal homepage on IEEE Xplore.
  • Keep in mind that some publications only accept certain types of articles. Letters publications will accept brief articles, while Transactions or Journal publications will accept full-length articles.

As discussed on the Publish Original Research page, you can only submit your article to one publication at a time.

Follow all submission guidelines

All IEEE journals provide submission guidelines in an “Information for Authors” section, published in the journal or on a society’s website.

To find the guidelines for your target journal:

  • Find the journal’s home page on IEEE Xplore
  • Click on the About Journal tab
  • Click on Publication Details

Not following guidelines can result in delayed processing of your submission, rejection without review, or errors in your published article. 

Submit your article

After checking that your article complies with the target journal’s submission guidelines, you are ready to submit. Click the Submit Your Manuscript button on the journal’s home page on IEEE Xplore. You will be taken to the journal’s online submission system, which will walk you through the submission process.

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