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File Naming Conventions

Properly naming your graphics, tables, and author photo keeps your submission orderly.

Identify your graphics with the first five letters of the primary author’s surname, followed by a number signifying its sequential position within the article. For example, an author with the surname of Gonzalez may have:

  • gonza1.tif
  • gonza2.pdf
  • gonza3.png

Tables should follow a similar naming convention; the only difference is that after the first five letters of the author’s surname, you should insert at “.t” before the table’s sequential location in the paper. Graphics and tables should be numbered independently of each other.

  • gonza.t1.tif
  • gonza.t2.pdf
  • gonza.t3.png

Author photos should be named using the first five letters of each author’s surname. If more than one author has the same surname, you should replace the last of the five letters with the first letter of their first names. The example for Anna Gonzalez, Bruce Gonzalez, and Charlie Gonzalez follows:

  • gonza.tif
  • gonzb.pdf
  • gonzc.png
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